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Everyone is getting active in East Boston, and you can join in too! Check out the page below for fun activities, tips on being physically fit, and active living activities in your community. 

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Games to get you fit!

Use these fun games to get you moving! These are great for families looking for a fun way to exercise at home. Or, take them to the park for some fun in the sun. Either way, these are a great way to start getting active! Follow the instructions provided, or use them as inspiration to create your own games.

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Tips to get the whole family active
Getting Started

As we all know, getting started is the hardest part. Whether you're working on yourself, or looking to get the whole family involved, being active should be fun! Start here for some ideas about what to do.

Active Play

Why should you and your kids be active? Active play can improve your mood, appetite, and long term health. And the more fun you have moving, the more you'll want to do it. Take a look here at the benefits of being active.

Screen Time

Screen time can really limit the amount of physical activity children receive. Read this helpful document for tips on how to help reduce the screen time your kids get, and replace it with physical activity.

If there's an event we've missed, or other activities we should highlight--we want to know! Reach out to us via the form at the bottom of this page. We're always trying to improve the resources we share to make our website as useful as possible.

Need more information? Want something else?

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