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Keep yourself up to date with programs, organizations, spaces, and other resources available for you. Explore what health and wellness looks like in Eastie!

Check below for information:


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Food Resoures

Follow the link to utilize our resources on food access, benefits you may be eligible for, and food organizations in EB.

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Green Spaces

East Boston offers a host of parks, playgrounds, gardens, and green amenities. Find a space near you!

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Physical Activity

Get active! Find out what you can do for exercise. Good for the whole family.


Other Resources

There are so many things that contribute to our health. Check out our resources beyond food and activity here.

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Resource Maps

Find the nearest park, community garden, food distribution, and more with our resource maps.


Learn more about EBHFC!

We are committed to helping all Eastie residents improve their health and wellness. Read up on our efforts.

Click the images or links below to discover what resources are available to you!

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