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Discover the green spaces we have in Eastie! Our community has some of the most beautiful scenery, parks, gardens, and more in all of Boston.

Find your favorite spot from the information below.

Bremen Street Park Stock.jpeg

Find a park

We've gone and collected information from all the different green spaces in East Boston. You can find out what parks, walking trails, playgrounds, beaches, and more are located in the area. Scroll through the document below, or download the whole thing through the link, for information about hours, locations, and activities in each area.

Click below for a downloadable version of this document:

in English or in Spanish

Check out our map of Green Spaces in East Boston below  to locate a space near you. 

East Boston
Green Space Map

Need directions to the nearest green space? Check out our map here to see what's accessible to you!

Green Space Map

Find a space that has your favorite activity!

Activities all around!
Green Space Comparison Checklist.png

Need more ideas of what to do when spending time in green spaces? Check out our physical activities page for some ideas and tips.

Reach out to us via the form at the bottom of this page if you think there's more helpful information we should add to this page. We're always trying to improve the resources we share to make our website as useful as possible!

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